Micromolle di D'Agostino Ing. Vladimiro & C. - Torino     ITA

The company Micromolle was born in the 60s. In 1980, the engineer Vladimiro D’Agostino take over the company. In the following years, the machines have been upgraded and expanded. The first spring control and correction devices at winding stage are installed. In 2007 the company was certificated ISO 9001 with TUV.

In particular, our company manufactures: Cylindrical springs, Conical or variously shaped in constant or variable pitch, Cylindrical helix springs or Rectangular springs. We produce springs used in automated assembly systems for example springs for pen. Also we produce Torsion springs, of Traction and Particular variously shaped.

Via G. Ricci, 6 - 10153 Torino - TEL. +39 011 899.60.86 - FAX + 39 011 899.60.90